I have worked with top celebrities and with very underprivileged kids all around the World. I have seen both the good and the bad, what amazes me is that happiness does not seem to be related to what we have externally. I have met people who have lost their families to tragedy, who have nothing and they are the happiest people on earth. I have also met billionaires who appear to have everything from a material perspective that are completely stressed and unhappy. What is it that makes us happy? Studies and research show that only 8-15% can come from external values, the rest come from internal values and a feeling meaning, contribution and action towards a higher purpose. Everybody can be happy right now if we just think the right thoughts and value the right things! If we are happy our impact on the World, in our families, at work and in our own life’s would be so much more positive.

“Happiness is a journey not a destination”


Our values are essential for our wellbeing so let’s ask ourselves, where do our values come from? Who gave them to us? and are they benefiting our life experience? If not, how can we change them to benefit both ourselves and the society at large. When we understand how the brain works we can then begin to protect ourselves from disempowering values. We can choose new beneficial values, rewire ourselves and create ultimate happiness in our lives. All of this we can achieve by simply changing our thoughts.

Advertisers know how to install values, they spend billions on telling us about all of the products that will make us happy, but will they really do that? and if they can do it for how long will it last? We have to start advertising in our own minds, sustainable values that will make us happy for a lifetime.

“The future depends on what we do in the present” -Mahatma Gandhi


CSR – Creative Social Responsibility!

I talk about CSR as “Creative Social Responsibility” instead of Corporate Social Responsibility. I believe that everybody and especially we artists have a huge responsibility to use our creative ability to impact the youth of today as role models with good values. Throughout my journey around the World I have worked with thousands of kids and no matter where they come from it is obvious how they are impacted by artists actions and imitate their behaviour. I am driven by the question “How can we make the World a happier place”. I have developed a framework called “Create The Change” It is built based on my own life journey, experiences and research. I hope to inspire people, companies and artists to create the most desirable future for coming generations.

We are now living in the most exciting time in history, soon we will be able to connect with every single human being around the World. This means that it is becoming increasingly possible to create global change in seconds, so let us connect over values that will benefit all in the future not just a few. If we want change in the World, our lives, work and relationships then we must change what we value. Values lead to action, action builds culture, culture determines history, both the history of the World, our companies and our own lives.

“Let’s create the greatest piece of art ever done, World Peace” – Filip Cederholm



What are we communicating and creating? We have the ability to honour our audience and it doesn’t matter if it’s millions or one person, we can have an impact. Great art benefits the viewer and is good for the World at large. I don’t mean that all art shall be sugar coated and full of pink unicorns, I just believe that we should understand the power art and communication has and our possibility to make a positive footprint on the planet.


We are all the artists of our own lives! We are constantly creating the World around us, through our values and daily actions. The more positive energy we give, the more positive energy we get.  The information and values we embrace is what we will spread around us, so we must choose our role models  and our sources of information carefully. We are the directors of our own destiny! 


A happy company is a successful company! If your staff are happy they become great ambassadeurs beyond the workplace. Happiness and wellbeing are the fundamental thing for people to deliver good results over a long period of time. When people feel good they build a great culture and that can determine the history of the company.


If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set then there’d be peace -John Lennon



All we humans want is to be happy, so why not be happy? Happiness is a funny concept and it’s something we all are striving for in one way or another, but what is it? The fundamental thing for happiness is being grateful for the situation we are in, what we have and who we are. That can sound naive to many people, but the truth is that happiness is just a state of mind and a choice, if you can’t truly appreciate your legs you will never truly appreciate your car. When I was in South Africa I met Deo, one of the happiest and kindest people I have ever met, the crazy thing is that when he was 6 years old he saw his father and siblings being slaughtered in front of his eyes and then he walked for 2 years from Rwanda to South Africa with his mother. He if anybody had all rights in the World to be depressed but instead he was one of the happiest I have ever met??? Then when I worked in the yachting industry at the French Rivera and in Caribbean I me people who owned boats worth 300 million USD and they had all rights to be the happiest on the planet, but were just frustrated and stressed. I am not saying that this is the case at all times, all I say is that the brain is amazing, if we use it and take control over it. Happiness has benefits everywhere; in the society, at work, in school on the streets etc. if people are happy they behave nice towards each other and they focus on what is good. The great news is that happiness is not only something that happens every now and then it is a choice and happiness is a result of the thoughts we think and the values we have. Happiness has also large social rewards and it is scientifically proven that happy people are more efficient, healthier, ethical, creative, they have more energy, fun and good ideas, they live longer and are better to cope with stress, how about that for just changing the thought pattern we are running on default in our heads. Happiness is one of the ultimate goals in life and can be achieved by everyone, in todays society we have so much stress and frustration affecting our wellbeing but there is a way out that doesn’t cost anything and can be achieved by all of us. When we worry about tomorrow we loose the pleasure of today and who knows maybe tomorrow doesn’t come so we better take care of today.