Who Am I?


I have spent more than a year of my life  sleeping under the bare sky. I have traveled for more the 5 years around the World, lived with monks in India, sailed south and north Atlantic, been an advertising photographer in Stockholm and shot campaigns for companies such as; Red Bull, TV4, Ernst & Young and celebrities such as; Börje Salming, September, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Marie Serneholt, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many more.

One day when I was retouching a pretty face and making her even prettier, I thought to myself, “can I use my creativity to make a difference in the world?” With that question in mind I changed my life completely. I went from running the production company YAYA Creative with my brother Peter Cederholm and 5 employees, to living out of a 30kg backpack traveling the World creating art for charity. I am now producing ABC Charity “The First Ever Human Alphabet Made With Thousands Of Kids Around The World”, together with Ashley Cooper.


  • Photographer
  • Public Speaker
  • Philanthropist
  • Vagabond

Commercial Work

My expertise lies within photography, art direction, production and retouch. I can be a part of the creative process from conception to realization or just where you need my expertise. My aim is to always deliver products that result in real value for my clients. I am currently looking for new clients, companies and artists who also are on a mission to make the World a better place.


Philanthropic Work

Over the last couple of years, I have spent most of my time producing ABC Charity together with my lovely Ashley Cooper. We are currently seeking partners both private individuals and companies that want to join the journey and help us complete the first ever human alphabet made with thousands of kids around the World.

Public Speaker

Can we use art to create a better World? Can we become happier by understanding our values? Where does our values come from and what do they lead us to create in our lives? We are all artists in one way or another, we are all constantly creating in our own lives and the World around us through our daily actions. If we want change in the World, our lives, work and relationships then we must change what we value. Values lead to action, action builds culture, culture determines history, both the history of the World, our companies and our lives.


“If we want to make the World a better place, we have to make it cool to care for eachother”
– Filip Cederholm


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