Hi, I am an advertising photographer from Sweden, I love color and contrast both in my life and my pictures! One day when I was retouching a pretty face, making her even prettier, I thought to myself “ can I use my creativity to make a difference in the World?” With that question in mind I radically changed my life. I went from running the production company YAYA Creative with my brother Peter Cederholm and 5 employees, to living out of a 30kg backpack traveling the World creating art for charity. I am now producing ABC Charity “The First Ever Human Alphabet Made With Thousands Of Kids Around The World”,  together with Ashley Cooper.


Art and communication in all forms are either making people happy and optimistic or stressed and pessimistic. Art has the possibility to inspire people to radically change their life and take action. It has instigated change time and time again throughout history and can awaken people and be a tool for positive development for future generations.

We all know that we are facing many challenges today, my question is “can art make a difference?” I believe it can. I think we need to ask ourselves “why are we here and what are we creating? What values are we spreading with our art and communication in our lives? How does it impact the viewer, our surroundings and the future? And “how can we change our values through art and communication?” I believe we can because I did it myself. I have developed a framework based on my journey for personal growth and I would love to share my knowledge with others so that we together can contribute to a better future.

Everybody talks about CSR as “Corporate Social Responsibility” but I believe that the “Creative Social Responsibility” is just as important. Many kids look up to different artists and celebrities, they imitate and seek their identity. I believe that we as artists have the ability to inspire the next generation, we can install good values and change their lives. We all strive to be happy and the key to happiness lies in our values. The key to a better World is to value things that are good for us, others and the world. The information we take in builds our values, our values lead to our actions and our actions will determine history.

Let’s create the greatest piece of art ever done “World Peace”. What could be more fun for all of us who are inhabiting this crazy planet right now than a wonderful project that engages all of us. I know that this may seem like madness but I believe that the true madness is in not trying. Soon we all be gone from this planet, so let’s take advantage of the power of Art and Communication and get busy making the world just a little bit better every day, it is up to you and me!


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” -Jimi Hendrix


ABC Charity is a project that my partner Ashley Cooper and myself are producing together with thousands of kids around the World. It is inspiring and empowering events for the kids, and a fundraising tool for different charities, with an aim of showing our youth that a caring lifestyle can be fun and appealing.
The letters will be sold so companies and individuals can buy their names and 100% of the money goes to a charity of the buyer’s choice.
ABC Charity is an advertising campaign for “Love & Compassion” generating funds to different NGO’s & Charities around the World.

We are always seeking people and companies that want to join our mission in creating a more positive World, so shout out loud if you are interested!read more